Driving Under the Influence Toms River NJ

If you’ve been cited or arrested for a driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense, being proactive about your charges is the best defense. Whether you were caught during a road block searching out those who were driving with alcohol in their system or law enforcement believes that you were under the influence of some other drug, a DWI defense in Toms River needs to be taken seriously. This means not accepting a plea deal just because it allows you to sidestep court. It also means retaining the services of an experienced attorney who knows how to handle New Jersey DWI offenses.

DWI Charges Are Serious Business in New Jersey

Far too many people seem to think that DWI charges are minor legal issues. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The state of New Jersey, its law enforcement, its judges, and its prosecutors all take DWI offenses seriously, often doling out the maximum punishment, even to those who have no previous criminal record. Law enforcement may even play into the perception that DWI offenses are no big deal in the hopes of getting you to incriminate yourself. Don’t fall victim to these ploys and waive your rights! As soon as you’re arrested or cited for a DWI offense, you should ask for an attorney and not speak to anyone until you’ve consulted with your attorney.

A run-of-the-mill public defender isn’t going to do much to aid you in negotiating the legal system and beating the DWI charge in court. These civil servants, while legally attorneys just like private, paid defense counsel, do not have a specific area of expertise or the ability to devote hours, even days of their time to researching precedent and ensuring that you receive a rigorous defense. Their case load likely includes dozens of kinds of offenses, and while they will do their best for you, their best isn’t the best available. Hiring your own experienced DWI defense attorney, like the team at the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III, is the best way to mount a thorough defense and minimize the impact of DWI charges on your life.

DWI Charges Can Change Your Life

The penalties for DWI charges are steep, even for those with no criminal history. They include fines, mandatory alcohol education classes, prison time, community service, and even the installation of an Interlock device in your vehicle (after your regain your license). Most DWI offenders lose their driving privileges. Initially, the loss of your license could be for as little as a month to three months, but repeat offenders can lose their license for an entire decade!

Can you imagine the impact on your life of not being able to drive yourself anywhere for the next ten years? Not only is there the frustration of being dependent on other people or ride services to get to work, but there’s the impact on your family since you can’t drive your children, parents, or spouse anywhere either, and someone has to pick up the slack.

Additionally, many employers don’t look kindly at criminal charges, even if they are simple DWI charges. If your DWI offense also involved an accident with any degree of personal injury to another person, the charges and social fallout can make you seem like a potential liability to your employer. Many companies have policies that allow for the termination of those who plead guilty to or are convicted of crimes. In order to protect your mobility, your social status, and your income, you need to take steps to mount a thorough defense and to minimize the impact of and consequences from your DWI charges.

Experienced Legal Advice Can Make All the Difference

From analyzing the details of your stop, arrest, citation, and other interactions with law enforcement to knowing how to appeal to individual judges, an attorney with experience in DWI criminal defense can make all the difference when you’re facing a DWI charge in Toms River, New Jersey. That’s why you want to hire the best available attorney, someone who specializes in DWI defense, and not a general practice attorney. Call the team at the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III today to schedule an initial consultation and find out what your options may be!

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