Areas of Practice

Experienced and Dependable Counsel At The Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III

The Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III is dedicated to helping individuals resolve Felony/Misdemeanor charges in Pennsylvania and Indictable offenses in New Jersey. To hear more about how our law firm will be able to help you fight your case, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.Mr. Lukach successfully represents clients facing superior court or municipal court charges pertaining to:

  • Drug distribution charges, drug crimes including possession of cocaine, crack, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine or unauthorized prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia offenses.
  • Assault, including threat crimes, weapons offenses, or aggravated assault.
  • Property and theft crimes including auto theft, armed or unarmed robbery, criminal mischief or burglary, as well as trespass and vandalism charges
  • Forgery and fraud charges, including credit card fraud, bad check charges and counterfeiting.
  • Domestic violence charges including stalking, unlawful harassment, and even terroristic threats

Mr. Lukach has experience in defending clients who face restraining order violations, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, sex crimes, homicide, Internet and computer crimes, as well juvenile crimes and detention issues.

Mr. Lukach assists clients with many of the practical problems that are associated with criminal charges. He can address the anxiety and embarrassment that accompany charges of this nature and how best to discuss the allegations with family, friends or employers. He pledges to provide nothing but zealous representation beginning at pre-trial until the conclusion of your case.

If a person has been accused of violating their probation or parole, Mr. Lukach will work hard to prevent their incarceration. He also provides legal representation for post conviction relief ranging from relief from sentencing errors to habeas corpus proceedings. In addition, Mr. Lukach advises all of his clients about their options for the expungement of their criminal records.

Please Contact Mr. Lukach to learn more about how he can help you understand your options and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.