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July 1, 2012
Stephen Lukach
DWI Citation

After being pulled over for a DWI, there are several mistakes that are commonly made. Make sure that you don’t make these same mistakes. While you may see it as being a minor violation, it is definitely nothing to take lightly. Here are the mistakes that people make the most often.

Failure to Contact a DWI Attorney

One of the first things that you should do when you have been arrested for a DWI is discuss your case with a professional and well-trusted attorney in your area. The laws that surround DUI and DWI can be very complicated, but the good news is that the DWI attorneys know the ins and outs of the law. They can help you to decide in which direction to go with your case.

Simply Pleading Guilty

Another common mistake that people make is to assume that they will have to just take the consequences of their DWI since they failed their field sobriety test or breath test. The truth is that sometimes the machines that are used to test the blood alcohol content are not calibrated correctly or administered properly. There are also many other factors that can cause inaccurate results. Don’t just assume that you were really over the limit.

Trying to Represent Yourself

Many people feel that they were wrongly charged with DWI, and many people are. But a mistake people make is believing that they can try their case themselves because “the truth will come out”. The fact of the matter is, there is more to trying a DWI case and hoping that the truth will come out. Knowledge of criminal procedure, rules of evidence and cross examination is required. In addition, an attorney who is properly trained in Field Sobriety Testing and who is Certified on the Alcotest machine can greatly increase your chances of being victorious in your battle.

Consider these mistakes and make sure that you don’t make them if you have been charged with a DWI. If you need help with a DWI case, then give Stephen Lukach a call right now at 856-672-1394.