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Were You Impaired?

The state has to prove that whatever drug you took has made it so you couldn’t drive safely. You will be asked to provide the state with a blood or urine sample. A police officer who is trained as a Drug Recognition Evaluator will ask if you will perform more testing once you get back to the police states.

How Much Is In Your System?

One of the problems with this is that the blood or urine sample will only tell if you have taken drugs or smoked marijuana; however, the results will not tell the officer or the court how much of the substance your sill have in your system. There are many drugs that may show up in your system even though you have no effects from them. The drug recognition expert, who has only 144 hours of training, is a bit less qualified than you might have guessed, too. A pharmacologist spends seven or more years to training to determine how drugs affect people.

A Drug Recognition Expert, or DRE, assesses drug intoxication by checking an allegedly impaired driver’s pulse rate, pupil size and blood pressure. He or she will look at your arms to see if you have test needle marks. The observations of the DRE may be used as probable cause for your arrest on DUI charges and as evidence in court.

The problem with this is that many of the conditions the DRE is looking for can also be because of fatigue, injury or illness. The results of urine testing are not known for being highly reliable, either. Therefore, it is important to know that a DUID charge can be successfully fought in court.

Choosing a Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges for a DWI or DUID, you will need a Deerfield DWI attorney who has successfully defended clients against such charges. At the Law Offices of Stephen Lukach, you will have that lawyer. Mr. Lukach has extensive training in drug-related DWI cases and is familiar with the 12 steps of the Drug Recognition Evaluation that the DRE uses.

Mr. Lukach has had advanced training in the scientific techniques used to test the urine or blood of people who have been charged with DWI. With this training and certification, he uses his experience to learn what the officer may have done wrong and Mt Lukach puts that information to use in his client’s defense.

A DWI or a DUID can have a serious effect on your life. From your job to your family and social circle, your reputation could take a big hit. Losing your job may happen if you drove for your employer. Finally, you’ll pay out a small fortune in fines and, in some cases, you could even spend time in jail. This is just for a first-time offender, too. Mr. Lukach strives to be the premier drunk driving and drug-related DWI attorney in New Jersey and focuses on all types of Deerfield DWI defense.

Call the Law Offices of Stephen Lukach today so that you can get started on your defense. A free consultation and payment plans allow you to see that Mr. Lukach is ready to help you fight your DWI charge.

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