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May 31, 2012
Stephen Lukach
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In New Jersey, being accused of driving while intoxicated or DWI is a very serious matter that should not be handled on your own. Being charged with DWI carries with it very severe penalties and can often result in consequences that can seriously affect your life long after the event, if not handled properly. A conviction can either lead to the accused license being suspended, the accused being fined, jailed and also ordered to take DWI classes.

Therefore, it is very important if you have been accused of DWI to first make sure that you acquire competent legal help. You don’t want to go it alone and not just any attorney will do.

If you simply plead guilty, you are guaranteed to face severe fines and penalties including a loss of driving privileges. But an experienced DWI attorney will determine what defenses you can raise to fight your case. This is especially true for an attorney who is a Certified Alcotest Operator and is also a Certified Field Sobriety Test Practitioner.

Most general practice attorneys are not fully capable of properly handling a DWI matter from the outset. Having qualified legal representation  who is already familiar with New Jersey DWI statutes is ideal since they don’t have to go out and learn the specifics like a non-specialized attorney would. A DWI attorney is able to professionally navigate through the various evidential, procedural, constitutional and sentencing issues to ensure  you receive the very best defense at the end of the day.

In many instances, a skilled DWI attorney can file a pre-trial motion in court on your behalf that seeks to challenge the probable cause of the accusation by stopping and having the accused incident further investigated. When compared to an accused person who does not have representation, someone with legal representation is at an advantage because the attorney uses experts in various areas like field sobriety, drug recognition, laboratory and also breath testing equipment, all to help in the accused person’s defense.

All of the above details explain why you need a NJ DWI lawyer working on your behalf. However, as mentioned earlier, it is very important to make sure that the attorney choice is the best. The attorney should be qualified to make the right judgment, which can be very helpful in winning the case. For instance, a professional DWI attorney knows that it is very important to visit the scene, because that alone can help in defending the reason why the motor vehicle violation took place.

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