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If you have been arrested for a DWI offense in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, please call our office and schedule a free consultation. Our phone number is (856) 672-1394.

As a general rule, defense attorneys specialize in just one area of the law. An ethical attorney will acknowledge this and, if their practice area doesn’t include Cherry Hill DWI Defense, refer you to an attorney who knows how to structure a proper DWI defense. Whether through referral or your own online research, find an attorney who focuses on DWI defense and related case law before retaining a Cherry Hill DWI lawyer. It may seem like you don’t have enough time, but if you don’t confirm their claims, you could end up having to switch later at additional expense. Many capable DWI lawyers will refuse to take over a case from another lawyer.

DWI Charges in Cherry Hill New Jersey

Many people tend to think that DWI charges aren’t really that big of an issue, provided the charge isn’t associated with a car accident or fatality, but in fact law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and other state employees take DWI charges in Cherry Hill, New Jersey very seriously. Violating sobriety laws when operating a motor vehicle can receive the maximum penalties allowed under state law, as judges may hope to deter recidivism or send a message to future impaired drivers.

While some people believe that DWI only applies to those operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, DWI charges can also be leveled against those who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of other drugs, from street drugs to prescription medication. DWI offenses can also be brought against someone who is operating a bicycle on a public road while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Regardless of the scenario in which the arrest or citation took place, an experienced defense attorney who understands New Jersey DWI laws is the best way to minimize the impact of a DWI charge.

Consequences from DWI Charges

Did you know that even first time offenders with no criminal record who are convicted or plead guilty to a DWI charge face incarceration, loss of their driver’s license, and alcohol education courses? That’s in addition to hundreds of dollars in fines. If the accused has a previous DWI conviction on record, the penalties become even steeper, going up to ten years suspension of their driver’s license and several months in prison? Even if the accused receives only the minimum punishment for their offense, the impact of losing their driving privileges can be long-lasting.

Some employers have a zero tolerance policy for arrests or convictions. This means that even if loss of primary transportation doesn’t result in loss of employment, pleading guilty very well could. For someone facing fines, fees, and the costs of an Interlock system as well as alcohol education courses, the loss of a job could be devastating. Worse still, future employers may frown on the charges or conviction, making it much harder for someone who has been convicted of a DWI to find a decent job in the future, even after all the court hassle is well behind them.

How an Attorney Helps with DWI Charges

Attorneys will do everything in their power to protect you, your future, and your rights. They will intervene to prevent law enforcement from coercing a confession or trying to use evidence that was obtained inappropriately in order to convict you of the alleged DWI offense. An attorney with the right experience, like the team at the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III, knows what options are available to DWI defendants, how law enforcement may have bent rules, and how to use any improprieties in their clients’ favor. From having a poorly administered sobriety or breathalyzer test thrown out to requesting that the court dismiss charges because of how the stop was performed, an attorney can use the system in a manner than can decrease the potential for life-altering consequences.

If you, or a loved one, are facing DWI charges your first call after the arrest or citation should be to the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III. The preliminary consultation will give both you and your defense attorney an idea of what defense strategies will work best in your case and what the potential outcomes will be. Hiring and taking the advice of a seasoned DWI defense advocate is one of the best ways to minimize the long-term impact of a DWI charge.

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