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When it comes to driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses, a single mistake on your part or a misperception on the part of law enforcement can have long-lasting effects on your life, career, family, and rights. Because of the serious potential results of being charged with and convicted of a DWI offense in Camden City, it is imperative that you contact a Camden DWI Attorney as soon as you’re cited, charged, or arrested to minimize the fallout from these criminal charges.

Camden, New Jersey Takes DWIs Seriously

While it may seem like there are more pressing matters, like assault or murder, for law enforcement, prosecutors, and the courts to focus their energy and time on, the state of New Jersey and its employees take DWI offenses very seriously. They are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, with some offenders receiving maximum punishments, even for first or second offenses. Choosing to take a plea deal or working with a public defender can result in a lot of negative consequences for you and your family.

While a public defender will do one’s professional best to mount a defense, many encourage their clients to take any plea offered prior to court. This may not always be in the best interest of the accused party, but public defenders notoriously carry large caseloads and can not devote hours, days, or weeks of their time to researching DWI precedent and fighting a single defendant’s charges in open court. Although it is critical that anyone who is accused of a crime seek skilled legal representation, those facing DWI charges in Camden City are best served by hiring a defense attorney with experience specific to the realm of DWI offenses, like the team at the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III.

The Potential Results of a Camden DWI Charge

If you have never been charged with a crime, it may surprise you to know that even those with pristine criminal records can face sharp penalties for DWI charges if found guilty by the court. From hundreds of dollars in fines to prison time, loss of one’s driver’s license, and even court-ordered alcohol education and treatment, first time DWI offenders can end up paying for months for a single mistake.

If the individual facing charges has previously been accused or convicted of DWI offenses in the state of New Jersey, he or she will be subject to even harsher penalties, including a fine of up to a thousand dollars, weeks or even months in prison, community service, the installation of an Interlock system in one’s vehicle, and the loss of a license for anywhere from a year to a full ten years. Can you imagine the social and professional impact of not being able to drive a vehicle for an entire decade? The very real consequences of DWI charges are why those who are accused should immediately move to retain a skilled DWI defense attorney. That may be the only way to minimize the impact of these charges on your life.

How Stephen Lukach III Can Help with DWI Offenses

The experienced team at the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III has an extensive background in DWI offenses. From investigating law enforcement improprieties that can result in charges being dropped to requesting that charges be commuted if the accused finished alcohol education or treatment outside of the courts, there are a lot of ways for a skilled defense team to approach DWI cases. An attorney who understands the laws in New Jersey, the courts, and the legal precedent set by cases involving DWI in the past can help you build a successful defense against these potentially life-altering criminal charges.

Retain a Skilled Camden DWI Attorney Immediately

If you or someone you love have DWI charges pending, it’s imperative that you retain a skilled defense attorney with a background in DWI offenses in New Jersey as soon as possible after the arrest or citation. From preventing an unintentional confession to exploring the details of your roadside stop for improprieties, a seasoned DWI defense attorney will do everything in one’s power to represent you to the fullest ability under the law. Don’t leave your future in the hands of an overworked public defender or throw yourself on the mercy of the court. You’re gambling with your freedom and your future! Call the team at the Law Offices Of Stephen Lukach III today for you initial consultation to explore potential defense strategies.

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